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HPL "SLOPLAST" is a modern material that is widely used in various fields of manufacturing and construction:


Construction industry

High-pressure laminate products “Sloplast” are used in construction and reconstruction of premises, as a facing and interior design material; decorative plastic is also used  for facade panels as the facing for a system of suspended ventilated facades.

Furniture industry

Thin HPL “SLOPLAST”  is used in production of cabinet and kitchen furniture, as a facing material for furniture facades and table tops. This material is unique thanks to a wide choice of ornaments and a possibility to introduce the color printing technologies into furniture design.

Transport machinery

Fire resistant HPL “SLOPLAST” is widely used in railway coach manufacturing, shipbuilding, production and repair of buses, trolleybuses, trams, as facing for passenger compartments of passenger transport vehicles, as well as for interior design elements..

Special applications

HPL “SLOPLAST” for special applications, thanks to antibacterial additives and antistatic properties, is used for premises with increased requirements for purity, such as  operating theatres, intensive care premises, clean rooms in pharmaceutical industry and instrument-making.


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