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Decorative paper-based laminate SLOPLAST

Decorative paper-based laminaDecorative paper-based laminate SLOPLAST is a high-pressure facing and structural plastic material, also called HPL (High Pressure Laminate), with a decorative surface suitable for
external and internal works, resistant to mechanical impacts, light, it is weather insensitive. HPL consists of sheets of special kraftpaper impregnated with synthetic thermoreactive resins. Production technology envisages the combined treatment of paper under the effect of high temperature and pressure at special presses. Such treatment enables the resins to penetrate into the structure of paper, filling the fibers and changing its structure at chemical level. As a result, the uniform monolith material with unique operating performance characteristics is produced.

The thickness of the decorative plastic depends on the number of paper layers, it varies within the limits between 0.6 and 25 mm. Technology of material production enables to make various types of the surface finishing – glossy, matt, or textured; plastic sheets can be decorated from one side or from two sides.

Decorative paper-based laminate SLOPLAST is manufactured with the use of equipment by the German company  Siempalkamp and raw materials from large foreign suppliers. In order to obtain the fire resisting properties, special composition that increases the fireproofness of the plastic is added to the resin in production process.

Variety of patterns is the obvious advantage of HPL. Patterns imitate the natural stone, any wood species, metal-covered surfaces. A wide choice of one-colour and “fantasy” patterns makes it possible to fulfill all possible designer solutions.

At present, LLC “Zavod Sloistykh Plastikov” manufactures the following types of plastic:

Decorative plastic SLOPLAST D

Decorative plastic SLOPLAST D is applicable for both, vertical and horizontal surfaces. This material is well suitable for internal finishing of various premises; making interior details (shower cabins, office partitions, other elements of interior).

Size: 1,570×3,050 mm. Thickness: 0.6-25.0 mm 

Not easily combustible plastic SLOPLAST TG


Decorative material for residential, public, and industrial buildings, means of transportation. Used in production of special purpose furniture, trade and exhibitional equipment, elements of interior.

Size: 1,570×3,050 mm, 1320×3050 mm. Thickness: 0.6-25.0 mm. 

Facade plastic SLOPLAST F

Structural plastic for external decoration of buildings in the system of suspended ventilated facades.  

Size: 1,570×3,050 mm. Thickness: 6.0-12.0 mm.

Postforming laminate SLOPLAST P

Decorative plastic, used as finishing material in manufacturing the building structures and elements of furniture, where finishing for curved surfaces is needed.

Size: 1,320×3,050 mm. Thickness: not more than 1 mm.

Laminate for engraving

Paper-based laminate for  engraving is used for manufacturing the labels, scales, etc. with engraving method. 

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