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Advantages of HPL

Paper-based laminate SLOPLAST is a high-quality material that found wide application in various fields thanks to a whole range of unique properties.

  • Wear resistance. Service life of the products is practically unlimited. Attractive appearance is kept during the whole service life.
  • Thermoresistance. HPL does not change its properties within the temperature range from – 50 to +60 С. The material has passed the series of tests for freeze and thaw resistance (150 cycles)
  • Moisture resistance. Not being deformed under the exposure to moisture.
  • Not easily combustible. Flammability class of material G1. When burning, material is not destructed, the riskof structures collapse is minimal.
  • Light resistance and color stability.  Bright color of the surface is kept long time under sunlight.
  • Resistance to domestic chemicals. Thanks to a protective layer, tracks of marker and inks are easily removed from the surface.
  • Non-sensivity to impurities. Decorative surface is resistant to domestic solutions and chemicals used for its cleaning during many years.
  • Hygienic and antistatic properties. HPL plastic is absolutely safe for health. Surface of HPL plastic is suitable for contact with food products. Having its uniform non-porous surface, this material does not form any substances harmful for health.
  • Anti-vandal properties. Material is resistant to impacts and scratching. It is not  subject to deformation under any external action
  • Easy to clean.
  • Environmentally safe. This plastic does not contain or emit any harmful substances even being heated. Components that do not form harmful fumes or gases are used in the process of material production


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