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About the company

LAMINATED PLASTICS PLANT is now one of the largest companies manufacturing decorative high pressure laminate, also called HPL plastic.  The company produces and supplies decorative plastic laminate under the trade mark SLOPLAST.  

Compliance with high requirements for the products quality provided by the company is confirmed with the international quality management certificate ISO 9001:2008.
Long-term experience of laminated plastic manufacturing, modern German-made equipment, and high-quality imported raw materials enable us to offer the quality of European level. We actively works with the world-leading suppliers of raw materials for production of decorative paper-based plastic laminate.

Availability of highly qualified personnel of production and technological departments makes it possible to offer a wide range of products used in numerous fields of construction and production.  
The material is effectively applied as decorative facing for interior design of premises of various purposes; facade panels in the system of suspended ventilated facades; thin plastic for manufacturing table-tops, facades for kitchen; plastic material for furniture facades; decorative plastic sheets for furniture (for laboratories, medicine, children), trade equipment, furniture for bars, cafes, restaurants.

The company is permanently developing, actively expanding the client base, and establishing contacts with new partners.

Currently, the company is implementing a project for production modernization, within the frames of which the following measures are planned:

  • repair of the equipment with a help of foreign experts;
  • increase of production capacity on account of purchase of modern foreign equipment;
  • testing the samples of raw materials from various suppliers with a purpose to improve quality and a range of manufactured products;
  • intensive selection and tests of new patterns.
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